Flor Lara VictorArtesan
"I decided to be part of Aso Junquillal because I like to participate in trade fairs and because I saw an opportunity of increasing my business through the Beach Sustainable Little market at Bahia Junquillal refuge. With the pandemic ,the sales of my craft ships were reduced and this was a great opportunity where I could sell a lot of my products, Thank God!"
Fernando Ortiz y Doris AlanTico Souvenirs
"Hello , how are you! We are Fernando a Ortiz y Doris Alán, we are the owners of Tico Souvenirs, an entrepreneurship born in 2015, becoming the first souvenir shop in the community of Cuajiniquil and La Cruz canton. Tico Souvenirs is part of Aso Junquillal, we have done pilot sales and have been very successful thanks to the tourists, we believe in the potential of this association, and we believe is going to bring lots of benefits not only for us, the owners, or entrepreneurships of the association but for our visitors. Junquillal Refuge is a very visited area by families since it offers many facilities for its enjoyment and with the new proposal Aso Junquillal has, we know is going to be a positive change for our visitors nature lovers. Thank you very much for visiting us and overall, thank you for your support that is crucial for this process. Kind regards: Fernando and Doris, 2021"
Gretel Vega AlemánArtesan
"Since I decided to be part of AsoJunquillal I´ve felt part of this great family because they gave me the opportunity to participate on the Beach Sustainable Little market, an event I haven´t seen anywhere else, where producers and entrepreneurs get together to offer a product and a Service through conservation, offering with this a greater variety of options for the tourists at one of the most beautiful beaches of La Cruz. Without a doubt I feel proud of being part of this great team and to live in one of the most beautiful areas of La Cruz Coastal Touristic Corridor. "
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